Add star ratings to your cart page to boost conversion rates

Empower Your Store With Strong Social Proof

Make it easy for your customers to post beautiful product reviews with photos

Get Loox for your store

Easily Generate Tons of Photo Reviews

Send automatic review request emails to your customers offering discounts for submitting reviews with photos.

Loox Tip: Our review form asks for 5-star rating, text, and a photo. You can customize review form questions to fit your products.

Made to Fit

Works with any theme, mobile-friendly, 100% responsive. You can easily customize the widget font, color, size and position on any page to fit your brand.

Generate Tons of Photo Reviews

Set up automatic review request emails and reminders. Incentivize your customers to add photos to reviews by offering them discounts. 

Drive More Sales

Increase on-page conversions with strong social proof and drive more traffic to your store through social media, SEO and Google Shopping integration.

Drive Repeat Business

Effectively upsell your existing customers with smart product recommendations automatically included in review request emails.

This is how the Loox widget will appear in your store

Loox Tip: You can easily adjust the color of your star ratings and select from over 400 font options to customize the look and feel of the review widget to fit your brand.